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Introduction [Jul. 15th, 2008|01:26 am]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG


I do believe all my information is in the memory marked "stats". Everything else you read in my journal is a memory too, I suppose... only of a slightly less... useful sort... useful to you anyways.

((ooc: Jarith is the alternate personality of a former detective turned Malkavian named Jayce Vega, whom Jarith is friended to, if you care to read up on him. He doesn't actually realize he's an alternate personality, and just assumes that the "blacking out" is a result of Malkavian life. He's criminal in his ways, though a robin hood type by nature, oweing mostly to his shared past as a police detective and ultimate in-born desire to help people. He is exceptionally jaded... or so he appears... and doesn't really believe in most any establishment... Not that he won't use or rob them (probably rob them). I am a fairly new rper, so... be patient with me... anyways, he's my second character. end!))

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This community is no longer functional, sorry I didn't... [Apr. 9th, 2006|09:17 pm]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG

Post it before. =/!

Hey there. If you posted a profile, interested in RPing...I know of another VtM place to RP, but it's at proboards.

If you're interested in VtM RP, i suggest you check it out...it has just started.

Much of the same rules and background, just the locations and some of the background.


If the board doesn't look complete, or anything it will soon.. =)

Sorry this post is rather out of it, I am at the time of posting.
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Lavinia Schwartz [Mar. 20th, 2006|10:09 pm]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG

Player Name: If this means my name, Ash ^.^
I hope this is alright.

Character Name: Lavinia

Clan: Ventrue

Generation: 8th

Sect: Camarilla

Havens: Lavinia resides in a penthouse above the restaraunt she manages, which recently was under attack from the Sabbat as an attempt to take out a portion of Camarilla control. She spends most of her nights now trying to keep the Masquerade in tact for her business, while keeping the Sabbat away from her door.

Background: Born to a rich family in the early 1800's, Lavinia lived a sheltered life and sought to broaden her experiences at the age of 24. She fell in love with her father's business associate, eventually finding out his true nature. After a short time her sire was murdered by a Tzimisce who was later evealed to have some vendetta towards him, which Lavinia never discovered. And to this day she still harbors a loathing of their incomprehensable brutality.

Generally her behaviour is stoic and mannerly, and is often mistaken as pompous, but despite her nature she can be empathetic to her lessers, and many kindred in the city often go to her for help and guidence.

Though she now considers herself a legitimate business woman, her past is stained with the blood of terrible deeds... She had to do a lot of things she regrets to get to where she is now, and is not proud of it, but accepts it as necessary.

She also fully supports the Masquerade and does more than her share to uphold it.

Description: Due to her...origin, her clothes tend to be oldfashioned to a certain degree. She wears a cream dress with gold lacing when managing her restaraunt. She is quite frail looking, with dark blonde hair and ghostly blue eyes. She also gives a reserved first impression that conceals the fierce temprement she can posesses.

Special Abilities: In her attempts in the business world, Lavinia has become quite masterful in Domination. She can easily bend kine, and many kindred to her will. THough this concentration has weakened her other knowledge of disciplines. THough her Domination is good, it is rarely needed, as Lavinia is a very smooth talker. As long as she can avoid physical combat, she does well.
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Emi's Arrival [Apr. 12th, 2005|11:00 pm]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG

On a dark Thursday night, a small white rental car pulls up to the local Ramada Hotel. A sign on the Hotel reads "Welcome, Brah-nimeCon attendees".

Out of the rental car, a woman with long black hair steps out, carrying a purse and a duffel bag. She is wearing a small "Anime Boston" t-shirt and a pair of tight black jeans that accentuate her physical beauty pefectly. This is Emi Rushlan, and she is in a bit in a rush.

Emi walks into the hotel and arrives at the front desk. "Hello. I'm with the Catherine Driscoll party in Room 433."

Around the front desk area, you can tell the con is already in full swing even before its official start. Numerous cosplayers dot the lobby -- a Sailor Moon here, a Vash there, a Naruto down the hall. After the desk clerk calls the room to confirm all is well, he hands Emi her room key.

Numerous thoughts run through Emi's mind. Her home Prince didn't know too much about this area, but Cathy, a Toreador friend of hers from the net, had already let Emi know that she'd help her contact the area Prince, so she wasn't too worried. This was her first west coast convention, and it was all she could do to get a night flight as it was.

Emi dialed her cellphone while in the elevator. "Hi Kyle.... Yeah, I got to the hotel ok, and I'm on my way to Cathy's room right now...." Kyle was her husband of seven years, and he had decided to stay back home in Provincetown due to business matters. "...I can't wait for tomorrow, they say cons in California are the best... I love you too, Ky-Ky... bye..." She hung up the phone and smiled. This was going to be a fun weekend.
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Emi Rushlan [Apr. 11th, 2005|09:27 pm]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG

Character Name: Emily Marie Briet-Rushlan ('Emi' to most people)

Clan: Gangrel

Generation: 8

Sect: Camarilla

Havens: 12 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA

Background: Emi was born in 1977 in Richfield, MN to Cape Cod native David Briet and Minnesota native Yvonne Andersen Briet. At the age of ten, her family moved to Cape Cod. Before November 1996, Emi was just any other sci-fi/anime/occultish-horror fan, until a freakish bus accident dumped her into a gothic city near Newport, RI. It was there that the city's Gangrel Primogen decided to embrace her. Said Primogen was run out of town soon after, but the Prince let Emi stay alive, and she tried to retain as much of a normal life as possible, including taking a mundane graveyard shift job at an internet service provider, and settling down with a husband, albeit him also being of a supernatural nature (Bastet Khan/Mage). After a Sabbat impersonation stint in 2000 that led to a Blood Hunt being erroneously called on her, Emi was forced out of that city and back to Cape Cod, where she currently lives with her aforementioned husband of just over 7 years.

What is she doing in Brahms? She's still in the 'fan' community, and on invitation of an online friend, she is in town during the weekend for "Brah-nimeCon".

Description: She looks like the icon :) Long straight black hair framing a beautiful face that shows off her French heritage. She has also taken good care of her body in general, both pre and post embrace, and you could probably tell that she was quite the heartbreaker in her living years. She also seems to have an air of luck about her, as it was luck that caused her to live after her embrace, it was luck that the Prince took pity on her, it was luck that she married who she did, and it was luck that her father once saved another Kindred Prince from the agony of final death in 1972. But all this luck has also made her rather naive, even at her current age, and as such she retains a rather high humanity level (between 8 and 9). She has frenzied 3 times in her undeath, leading to retractible nails/claws, ability to purr like a feline, and feline eyes (the latter of which she hides with custom contact lenses), and the third frenzy in 2000 led to the death of her host, which she still feels deep regret over almost 5 years later. This innocence translates to a rather happy-go-lucky personality that still loves her corporeal existance, which tends to at times pique the ire of other more morose Kindred, who have ceased to enjoy existance long ago. Her naiviete and innocence does have a positive aspect though, as it limits the amount of detectible "Wyrm" taint, and as such, she has been known to change the hearts of hunters, and make friendships with Garou, though with varying success, and so far only in an area of the country known for open-mindedness even among the mortal society. In this way, she has ended up becoming a "light in the World of Darkness", so to speak.

Special Abilities: She can talk to some of the lower forms of animal life (animalism) to do small tasks, thogh she is kinda out of practice with it. Her fortitude is her strongest point, as is necessary to continue to try to live a normal life -- in a sunlight emergency, she could slap on some mucho-SPF sunscreen and rush to the nearest shelter. Her retractible claws give her a certain aspect of protean ability, but she'd rather stay humanoid, so she doesn't practice that much either. She can also detect auras for a certain level of auspex, a gift magically given to her by an ex-boyfriend mage, but she doesn't know what every color means -- she only knows that Kindred emit duller colors than non-Kindred.
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2005|10:05 pm]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG
Alek picked himself up and ran his hands down the front of his suit, smoothing out the creases and brushing off what particles he'd managed to collect from his fall. It was then that he caught the first sight of the unfortunate he'd trampled. A young woman, quite beautiful, and very very much a vampire. That just showed him how dazed he'd actually been, not to have realized she was nearby. It took a second for the harsh comments to really set in, and he turned his eyes on her, vaguely offended. "Hardly so," he responded as he extended his hand, in an offer of help.

She was no Toreador like himself. That much was very...very obvious. But, well, he'd never been one to keep solely to his 'clan.' It didn't really matter to him, one way or the other. They were all the same, in his mind. They all led the same bitter existence that he now loathed. There was music playing somewhere. He could hear it coming from a window; the sound of a lone piano with its mealoncholy charms.

"Forgive me," he added dryly, green eyes now narrowing towards the figure in front of him. "Alek," he offered, as if a name was some consolation, assuming that the woman even cared.
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(no subject) [Feb. 16th, 2005|12:35 am]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG
The night itself seemed to wear on forever, and Alek had grown weary of wandering the streets in search of something to keep himself entertained through the endless hours. His mind settled at last on what he knew to be a bad idea, yet the thought was too temptuous to resist.

And so, his feet took him towards the theatre that had at once time been home to all his dreams, and now seemed their coffin. He was late. The performance had already begun by the time he made it through the doors, and the music sailed airily through the rows of faded velvet lined chairs. The orchestra may as well have been playing on his own head he thought as he sank down in the back row, eyes wandering over the rows of musicians, all caught up in the piece in front of them. He knew the feeling. Music took over the soul, if one gave into it. It was an addiction. It was everything. It was life. And now, it was nothing. The bass line vibrated the very floors as it reached the top of the crescendo, and then from the depths there did arise the tinkling melody from the row of long silver flutes, and he relaxed in his seat. It was over just like that. He'd been there for hours though he looked to his watch expecting no more than a half hour to have passed.

It was when he passed through the exit doors that the feeling hit him like a slap in the face. Regret. Jealously. It all flooded over him at once. That was his theatre. It was his chance. Well, it had been. And now it was all gone, out of reach, never to be touched again by the likes of him. He'd been ripped from the hands of fate and thrust into an existence he wanted no part of.

Disheartened, Alek continued on his path, uncertain of where the rest of the night would lead him. And in truth, he couldn't have cared less. However, just when he was reaching the pits of his internal dispair, a rift was created.

His head was bowed, auburn locks shielding his face from view, and in doing so creating a certain veil over his own vision. He couldn't have seen the woman in front of him had he even been looking. By the time he realized there was even another being inhabiting the street at all, he was nearly on top of her, tripping over himself. He reached out to catch himself with his hands; palms scratching against the sidewalk.
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(no subject) [Feb. 13th, 2005|04:40 am]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG
Character Name: Langer Laufeyson

Clan: Cappadocian/Sons of Loki

Generation: 6->5

Sect: None

Havens: Unknown

Background: Little is known about Laufeyson’s mortal life, except he hailed from what is the present day German state of Sachsen. He was of Saxon blood and followed the old traditions of his people more than the invading, forced Christian thought; although ultimately his curiosity of the invaders got the best of him. Throughout the villages in his region, he was known as a dabbler in the mystic arts, alchemy, and servant to the trickster god Loki. The latter gave Laufeyson a degree of dread from typical locals and he rarely was troubled for his various small indiscretions such as thievery. Around 1030 AD he decided to start robbing whatever Christian sacred place he could find of valuable items. Incidentally, one locale he believed to house such items was actually a Cappadocian’s haven. Laufeyson himself believed in myths and the supernatural; he had even stumbled across a werewolf from the Get of Fenris once. He never let the mystical get the best of him, only including all encounters with the supernatural as learning experiences…and perhaps signs from the gods…

The Cappadocian resident at the haven, named Meander, conversed with Laufeyson freely and was glad for a visitor. Before Laufeyson could leave, though, Meander revealed he had other intentions for the local mystic and gave him a certain Embrace.

Years passed and Laufeyson remained with Meander at the haven. The two rarely travelled, if only to search for new bodies to research the properties of death. The few times they ventured to the Erciyes temple to report their “findings”, Langer would spend the majority of time feeling out of place and looked upon in scepticism for his background. He returned the sentiments, especially thinking little of the high priestess Constancia for her utter nonsense “Road of Bones” rubbish. Even worse in his opinion were the Lamia…creatures he thought lower than even the Nosferatu in their abilities and calling. Eventually he had enough of the boring lifestyle and left Meander's side and went off on his own.

This was sometime during the 15th century. Notably, the Cappadocians were wiped out during this century by their embraced cabal of Necromancers, the Giovanni. Langer escaped the Giovanni wrath somehow and wandered mainland Europe with ease. Sometime during these wanderings, the embittered Laufeyson met his patron god, it is claimed. From there, he was forever transformed. He learned a new discipline from the deity, among many other things. Then on he began preaching the words of Loki to any kindred who would listen to him. Most bade him to go away and leave their principalities, and he earned many a banishment from certain Camarilla cities throughout the years. Laufeyson's first true audience came from Phillip and Zacharius, two displaced Cappadocian survivors. He thought little of them, as they were one of the reasons why he couldn't die and was practically a walking corpse, but of course he allowed them to follow him around. Eventually others from other clans joined the new "clan", learning Loki's new discipline and ideology. This was during the Renaissance and years of the Anarch Revolt that had shaken the kindred world.

Never an active leader, he would usually teach newly inducted followers some, then grow board and leave the rest to the others. Sometime during these periods of time he left, Laufeyson met up with Constancia, the ex-high priest of the Cappadocians in Egypt. He made sure she would not be leaving Africa and committed Amaranth on her. Her fate was a grizzly one, and centuries later, just recently her withered remains were found inside an Egyptian tomb. If he truly did Diablerize her, this would make Laufeyson a 5th generation vampire…

The years have gone by and he rarely travels with others of his “clan”, instead, making his own way and doing whatever takes up the time. In his opinion, the SOL has become far too much like the Osiris cults. Maybe this opinion is nothing more but a cover of his easily bored nature.

Description: Like all Cappadocians, Laufeyson has a deathly pallor that makes him easily marked as a vampire to the informed. He doesn’t make an effort to cover this fact either. Like many of his nationality, he is taller than average (6’2’’). His build is thin though, giving him the look of an always-hungry individual, perfect for any trickster’s appearance. His hair is dark brown and short, and his eyes are green.

Usually he is frowning or smiling in a twisted manner. His temper is short and he is quick to “fly off the handle” and start insulting whenever he sees fit. To add to to this flaw, he smells like death incarnate – not that it is a foul smell – just he smells like a cemetery or grave. There is also the matter of Laufeyson’s hate of everything and anything Samedi. He has a never-ending hate for the rare bloodline, and will stop at nothing to kill any Samedi he meets. This is probably because the common ancestor of the Samedi was a Lamia.

There are a few odder habits he has, such eating food and not digesting it (rather a nasty habit, but it makes up for his inhuman appearance to some), and rare occurrences of foresight he experiences...perhaps an outcome of his embrace into the Cappadocian clan long ago.

Special Abilities: Laufeyson has heightened senses all around (Auspex), and is able to read the auras of all kinds of beings. Far along in this power, he is also able to read the thoughts of others and create mind links, also known as telepathy. Like many of the Cappadocian clan, he possesses an unnatural toughness (Fortitude) against anything, including the two banes to vampires. Further inherited from his original bloodline is the power to control death itself (Mortis). Laufeyson has forgotten some of the more intricate rituals, but still is able to awaken anyone (including himself) in topor, cause rapid aging in mortals, and even remove himself for short periods of time from the Curse of Caine. There is a possibility he can reanimate the dead, but he hasn’t attempted it in such a long time. Lastly of his special abilities are the Trickster’s teachings of deception and illusion (Chicanery). He has mastery in this discipline and can even hold sway over an entire large group of individuals, causing them to act in any way he sees fit.

Though he loves tricking and confusing people, he usually grows incredibly bored after a time. This boredom rules his life in a variety of ways, but somewhere deep down he is a trickster-visionary, waiting for Golcanda.
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(no subject) [Jan. 17th, 2005|08:32 pm]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG
Trevor yawned and layed back looking out the window of the second story in the warehouse. It wasn't like the home he'd dreamed of but it was good enough to suit him for now. He had stolen different items from around the area to keep himself from starving which always led to horrible conciquences if it ever happened. The whole place smelled of vampires and very rarely a few werewolves nearing the city outskirts. It was because of them he had been able to sneak in undetected but he knew it couldn't last forever. They'll find him but when they do, he'll be ready.

He closed his eyes and crossed his legs taking in a few deep breaths calming himself down and decided to meditate. It might not be the most imporatant thing he needed to do right now but he rather have his nerves calmed instead of being jittery from constant smell of vampires. Of course he could take a few out with little effort but this place had more than just a few. Plus, he rather not start a fight he can't win. When the time comes, he'll be prepared and won't let anyone stop him from living.

Outside was cool and very calm, almost eerily calm but Trevor never let this phase him. It would always be this quiet at night. For the next few hours he eases his mind and lets his body rest in meditation.
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2005|12:00 am]
The Rose of Amaranth: VTM RPG
Character Name: Alek Gavrie

Clan: Toreador

Generation: 12th

Sect: Camarilla

Havens: Alek is in possession of a small apartment, not far from the theatre he performed for years. It remains empty for the most part, save for his instruments and books, as he sees no reason to have other possessions. And though he spends the majority of his time there, the place would appear unlived in to the untrained eye.

Background: Alek was born in Russia, in the winter of 1940. His father was a soldier in the Russian military, and not long after his son's birth, was killed in battle during World War II, leaving Alek's mother to raise him alone. He grew up fearing the world of politics and military, and sought other means of life. This phobia led him to music, and he soon devoted his life to the world of sound by teaching himself the violin, and later picking up the flute. By the time he was 20, Alek was well on his way to becoming the highly acclaimed musician he'd always dreamed of, but little did he know that this was not to be his fate. With his silent brooding ways, he'd managed to catch the eye of a Toreador, who soon showed him a world he'd never dreamed of. His sire had thought of him as a muse; a beautiful inspiration, and Alek had forgotten all about his music. At least, until his sire grew tired of his presence, and left him alone. Now, he's left to mourn the loss of his dream, and does so to his best of ability.

Description: No older than 25, Alek still holds fast to his youthful appearance. His beauty was what had first attracted his sire, and for very good reason. Of slender build, Alek seems every bit the elegant musician many lust for. Auburn hair, which he usually ties hastily at his neck, falls in ripples to the center of his back, and eyes the hue of freshly cut emeralds stare out from the perfectly carved face. His entire life, Alek has been perceived as an introvert, who wants nothing to do with the goings on of the world, save for his music and books. Philosophy and Symphonies remain his lone interests, and his time is consumed by the study of both. He has the belief that perhaps he can block out his dark fate by clinging to the mortal aspects of himself, and refuses to let them disappear, no matter what the cost may be.

Special Abilities: (Auspex) Alek possesses the ability to heighten his own senses, making sight, smell, and hearing capacities rise to extraordinary levels. With this, there comes the ability to sense the presence of auras that emanate from both mortals and supernatural beings. (Celerity) Along with this, Alek has the ability to travel with startling speed and swiftness in times of distress. (Presence) Influencing the minds of others wouldn't have been a difficult thing to do with his beauty and grace, but that hold has now been increased. His beauty ignites their interest, and his mind keeps them there, slowly manipulating decisions and opinions to match his own.
Alek prides himself in being an intellectual, and can carry on discussions pertaining to philosophical matters as long as another can stand it. Music is not only his passion, but sole reason for existence, and had he not been taken, his life would have been spent performing and composing.
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